Who else could use a nap? It's "National Napping Day". Why today?...because studies have shown that people are at their most tired and sleep deprived after the daylight saving time change.

It's understandable to feel drained and worn out today. It's hard to adjust! Our bodies (internal clocks) are all messed up from the time change. And after a beautiful weekend in Iowa, we're back to a more typical day in March. Cloudy, rainy and chilly. If you're lucky enough not to be at work today, go ahead and "nap it out', you deserve it! But, for those of stuck at work, I guess we'll just have to sneak out to the car for a quick lunch break nap, or maybe hide in a closet, or just shut your door and put your head down on your desk.

If the boss catches you, just tell him/her, "I'm just being patriotic, and celebrating a "National holiday"! If that doesn't work, and you get fired, well at least you'll have plenty of time for naps!

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