A British psychologist named Dr. Cliff Arnall came up with the concept of "Blue Monday" back in 2005. He figured it out using a formula that factors in the weather, leftover debt from Christmas, and a few other things.

And he says it's because the third Monday in January is the perfect storm of peak terribleness...

1. Bad weather. - We have that covered here in Eastern Iowa....with temps in the teens...and there's a chance of more snow on the way this week!
1a. Factor in a general lack of sunshine and long, cold dark nights... (why do we live in Iowa again? lol)

2. Enough time has passed since Christmas that you've lost the good feelings...the magic is over, and now all you have left is the debt.

3. Your New Year's resolutions have already failed.

4. We're sick of work again after the holidays, and your motivation has hit rock bottom.

5. Finally, you're realizing, you're now facing down another entire year of work ahead of you, without summer or any vacations in sight. (Cheer up, the countdown to "Spring Break" in on, right?)

Anyway, try to put a smile on...and do something you like to do today. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hopefully you had a chance to volunteer. Helping out those in need in your community is always a great "pick me up". After you're done doing something for others, do something for yourself. You could also take a walk (inside, or out if you're adventurous), work-out, watch TV/movie, make your favorite food, or just have beer and relax...anything to keep your sanity during these cold winter months!!!

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