Tik Tok and WeChat users, get ready because you are not going to be happy. It has been reported today that both of these apps will be banned as of this Sunday from the U.S. app stores. For those of you who don't know what these two apps are this will probably not affect you but here is your breakdown.

WeChat is a China developed app that you can use for social purposes including messaging and for transferals of money for payment options. Tik Tok is a China developed app for social media that allows user to create and share fun videos and content.

There has been a lot of talk about banning these apps, especially Tik Tok, from the U.S. in the past few months due to information security concerns and it looks like things are coming to a head. According to many news outlets including the New York Times, the Trump Administration has announced that these two apps will be banned from the app stores this Sunday. So, what does this mean?

Well for WeChat it means that any transactions from companies or internet hosting abilities will be prevented. As for Tik Tok same things are put into place but they have until Nov. 12th to come to a deal with software maker Oracle which is American as they are trying to come to terms to buy the app. If done by November 12th, restrictions could be lifted.

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