Let's just start off by saying...If you don't like tacos, I'm nacho type!"

Hey, why not start off National Nachos Day (Fri. Nov. 6, 2020) with a cheesy nachos joke? According to Wikipedia, Nachos originated in a Mexican border town in 1940. Apparently legend has it, that some guests arrived at a hotel restaurant after it closed for the day. The hotel maitre d, Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, came up with a snack using what little he had available in the kitchen. He cut the tortillas into triangles, fried them, added cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeño peppers and served them to the hungry guests. When asked what the dish was called, he answered, "Nacho's especiales".

So now that you know the history behind nachos, you're probably thinking, that's some great trivia info, but where can I get my free nachos? Just jump in the car and head to your nearest Taco John's,
and celebrate National Nachos Day with a free side of chips and nacho cheese. Offer valid with any purchase in the Taco John's app on Friday, November 6th, 2020 only. While you're there, grab me some Potato Ole's, I love those things.

And finally, some more "nacho" jokes to help you celebrate this most beloved of national holidays here in the U.S.A.:

I brought nachos to salsa class...it was huge misunderstanding

What did the cheese vendor say to the robber? "Hey! That's nacho cheese!

What's your favorite "Village People" song? "Nacho nacho man..."

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