Condo living has never been my thing. But, this could change my mind. You know, after the last kid has moved on and the wife and I become Cedar Rapids socialites.

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Here we could do lots of entertaining. And with the 6th-floor mezzanine, we could have one of Joey Tribiani's "Days Of Our Lives rooftop parties", minus the "Days Of Our Lives" part.

The motif is right up my alley. I like the basic black, white, gray, and chrome. I don't need the Christmas trees but I'm sure they do not come with the purchase of the condo. If they do, eh... It's not a deal-breaker. The mezzanine is really very cool! I can see us enjoying the fresh air, some sunshine smells of NewBo market food and coffee wafting around us, and listening to the sounds of Cedar Rapids, day and night.

How Would You Like To Live in a $1 Million Condo?

Listed on Zillow/Cedar Rapids, this condo in the Newbo district is a mere $1,000,000. 2 bed.3 bath on the 5th floor with a 6th-floor mezzanine. Annual taxes of $14,371 is chump change!

I guess I should probably do the math and calculate what my monthly mortgage payment would be over a 30-year fixed loan. My credit is.... eh. So let's guess what percent interest I'll get. Looks like it would be $7,819 if I came in with the down payment of the sale of my house. What I can afford each month is more like $1100, so it looks like I could pay this off in 75.75 years.

I'll..... just stay where I'm at.

If you're looking to update your crib, this could be an option for you! Find this listing on Zillow if you'd like to schedule a tour for yourself.

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