Could have used this in school.

Some people are just really good with numbers. I am not one of those people. So I'll take every math hack I can get my hands on and this one I am even basing off faith. This math hack helps with figuring out percentages and swept the Twitter universe over the week. Even math teachers were saying that they wish they had this gem in the back pocket when teaching percentages.

The hack is to remember this equation: x% of y is the same as y% of x.

So if you are trying to find 4% of 75, you can reverse it, 75% of 4 which is much easier. Even if you didn't know off the top of your head it's 3, multiply 75 by 4 which is 300 and divide by 100. You can even use a harder equation like 18% of 50. 50% of 18... half of 18 is 9.

Here is some of the responses to Ben's tweet.


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