Even though the stores say that the Christmas season started roughly back in August, odds are you're still not quite there yet. I'm with you. I have purchased ONE gift. But, I am a dude. I'm going to wait until the week of. Or day after to start.

But what about the best time to get that Christmas tree? Well the folks at Market Watch figured out the best and worst time to buy if cost is the biggest issue for you. Unfortunately, the worst times are when you almost definitely want to buy one  and the best times are pretty lame.

The worst time to buy one is Cyber Monday, when the average price is $81. Black Friday is the second-worst time, at $77. But of course, this is when it makes the MOST SENSE to get one, right? 'Tis the actual season!

The best time you ask? Christmas Eve. Yeah I know it's a complete waste of the holiday season to plop your tree up the day before the holiday, but that is when the prices drop all the way to $47.Of course, if you actually want to have the tree for longer than one night, you can spend 10 bucks more and buy your tree for an average of $57 in the week leading up to Christmas... That's the next best time to buy.

Hey, get it Christmas Eve and make decorating it, cooking, and last minute shopping a new family tradition. Woohoo!