Spooky season is finally over. You know what that means. Christmas is here!!! Just kidding. Pump the breaks a little, we still have Thanksgiving. It's the time of year where we're encouraged to reflect on all the blessings we have, and the people that have graced our lives. That, and the copious amounts of food we stuff our faces with every year. It's all that face stuffing that has led me to wonder, what is the most popular recipe in Iowa? Well, according to Google analytics, there is one dish here, that gets far more searches than any other. The answer? Corn Casserole!

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Of course it is. This is in fact, Iowa. And we all know how much Iowa loves corn. Here's a fun fact though, The Midwest was dominated by casserole searches. Every single state besides two all googled different combinations of casserole. Illinois was researching cajun turkey? They never really get the midwestern values do they?


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