Last night, someone in Wisconsin beat the impossible odds of 1 in 292 million to win the Powerball jackpot...but that's nothing compared to one guy who beat the odds of more than 1 in 281 TRILLION and still has a perfect bracket through 48 games!. . .click here to check it out

The lucky guessers name is Gregg Nigl, and he's a 40-year-old neuropsychologist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. (Ironically, he's a Michigan fan) But anyway, in all the years that the NCAA has been reviewing millions of brackets, the best start they've ever seen is perfection through 39 games. And even if this bracket busts this weekend, there's a good chance it could beat the OVERALL record, which is correctly guessing 54 of the 63 games. For what it's worth, He said he didn't even realize he had a perfect bracket until the NCAA contacted him..

Nigl is playing things fairly safe...he's not predicting any upsets in the next round. Which probably isn't good, because the NCAA notes that the top eight teams in the tournament..all the 1 and 2 seeds...have NEVER all advanced to the Elite Eight in the 34-year history of the tournament.

So hoops fans, now that the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa St. Cyclones have been eliminated, (and if you're bracket is busted)...I guess all we have left is to see if this guy beats the incredible odds to finish with the first perfect bracket.

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