What's the #1 thing you want your kids to be when they grow up? Now, if your answer is RICH, you're in the minority. Although, what parent doesn't want their child to one day put them in a luxurious retirement community? A recent survey asked 1,500 parents to name the top things they want for their kid.

Oh, and a ton of money did NOT make the top ten.

Here is what parents want:

1.  To be happy. (Solid #1, right?)

2.  To be healthy.

3.  To have a stable, happy family life. So 'stability,' but not millions of dollars.

4.  To be loved.

5.  To be kind.

6.  To find a career they enjoy.

7.  To be respected by their friends and colleagues.

8.  To be lucky in love, and not have their heart broken.

9.  To find a passion outside of work.

10.  To have a fulfilling social life. (I assume this does NOT mean on social media exclusively? Just a hunch)

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