If you're not enough of a disappointment to your family already, here's a new viral prank for you that will break their hearts even more... You've been warned.

People are texting their moms right now, asking them for advice on how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave.

And even though you caaaan technically cook a turkey in the microwave, your mom will disown you for asking how to do it. Here are some of the best mom responses people have shared:

  • 'You don't put a [g** d*mn] turkey in the microwave. I'm leaving to take grandpa to the doctors. Do not call me, you're stressing me out.'
  • 'That's all I ever wished for. A kid who is famous for cooking a rubbery salmonella-ridden carcass in an idiot microwave.'
  • 'You should be in charge of napkins or wine or something.'
  • 'Don't ever get married.'

Then again, isn't it a good thing you're attempting to cook? Maybe bad cooking is worse than not even trying.

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