Just like the Death Star, you can fire up the GALAXY GRILL and blast out some serious heat when cooking up some Porgs, Nerfs, or possibly even a Bantha.

This grill resembles Darth Vader’s fighter ship, the TIE Advanced X1. It’s made from steel and coated with heat-resistant paint. It uses The Force…of burning wood and can heat your meat up to over 1400* -- which would feel great on the frozen planet of Hoth after riding around on your Tauntaun.

If you plan on grilling from another galaxy, you sure can -- the Galaxy Grill is designed to work as a mobile barbecue and can fit in most of the average car trunks.

The Galaxy Grill will set you back around $700…or around $1500 Galactic Credits. It’s made in Hungary.

It’s made of high-quality steel and is coated with special heat resistant paint.

Assembled size of Galaxy Grill: Width 28.7” -- Height 17.9” with a depth of 24”. It weighs under 70 pounds.

Order yours HERE.

Some grab your favorite Wookie and Get Grillin'!


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