Last month, we explored some of the Cedar Valley's Weirdest Street Names and now we go on a new virtual adventure checking out the oddest street intersections.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe not, but these street names just seem to go together. Now, you won't find an intersection of "This Way" and "That Way" like you can in Lake Jackson, Texas. Of which, is pretty hysterical. There's some other good ones out there around the nation as well. For instance, "Star Trek" fans will like the intersection of Klingon Court and Romulan Court in Sacramento, California, or in Milwaukie, Oregon, there's the intersection of Somewhere Drive and Where Else Lane. We have a Lois Lane in Waterloo, only to be topped by the intersection of Clark and Kent Streets in Buffalo, New York.

However, I think we have our own creative intersections right here in the Cedar Valley. Keep scrolling to check them out.

The Cedar Valley's Oddest Street Intersections

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