Road rage is defined as aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by motorists. These behaviors include rude and offensive gestures, verbal insults, and maybe even lead to physical altercations. Now I realize, road rage is no joking matter, so I'll describe my malady as more of a "frustration with others" that is made worse by certain busy intersections around town.

Admittedly, it usually starts out with me running late somewhere and in a rush, so that sets the tone. However, I do find myself easily annoyed by other drivers poor driving skills especially in heavy traffic at a busy intersection. We have plenty of those around the Cedar Valley. The king of bad intersections used to be Highway 58 and Viking Road in Cedar Falls. Routinely making the state's Top 10 worst intersections list, and the scene of many accidents over the years. However, now that Highway 58 has been re-done that busy intersection is much better now, and with the retaining walls and tunnel, it even feels like you're driving through a big city.

On the other hand, and this is going to sound like the old man yelling "get off my lawn", I LOATHE the new roundabouts on University Avenue. Frankly, they scare me, cars going every which way, do I yield? What's happening? The world is spinning...HELP!  I'm a traditionalist, and I guess I don't see what was wrong with a good ole' fashioned, sometimes frustrating, but not near as confusing, four-way stop intersection.

There's many of those around Waterloo and Cedar Falls, so let's virtually explore the "The Cedar Valley's Most Hated Intersections"...(scroll down)

The Cedar Valley's Most Hated Intersections

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