First of all, it's not going to be the coldest Thanksgiving the city has ever been through, but it's definitely not going to be on the warm side of things...

As of Monday morning, the National Weather Service in Des Moines is forecasting a high of only 31* on Thursday. The 'normal' high on November 25 in Waterloo is around 38*.

Since 1895, the high temperatures on Thanksgiving in Waterloo have failed to surpass the 30* threshold in only 25 years (20% of all Thanksgivings), most recently in 2014 when it only reached 24*.

Here's an odd stat: Dating back to 1895, the low temp for November has only occurred seven times on Thanksgiving -- most recently in 1950 when the lowest temperature for the month was on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, when it was -1* for the low.

It has also only dipped below zero TWICE on Thanksgiving in Waterloo. 1950 and on 11/24/1898 when it reached -2* on Thanksgiving.

The projected LOW temperature on Thanksgiving is 22*, which won't break any records. If it reaches 22* on Thursday morning, it would be tied for the 55th-lowest Thanksgiving Low Temperature. 43% of all Thanksgiving's have had low temperatures 22* or colder.  (since 1895)

Waterloo’s warmest Thanksgiving high temperature is 67* in 1914 and 1998. The coldest high was in 1930 at 17*.

Alexander Sinn via Unsplash
Alexander Sinn via Unsplash


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