March 15th Snowfall Totals
Snow! Snow! Snow!
The record amount of snow to fall on March 15th in Waterloo is 9.5" in 1923. However, the second-most snow to ever fall on March 15th is 2" in 1913. According to the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, Waterloo received 3” of …
Snowfall Totals 2/21/21
Sick of snow? Spring begins on March 20th!
SNOW TOTALS from 2/21:
Onawa: 9.5"
Woodbine: 9"
Riceville: 8.3"
Cresco: 8"
Mason City: 6"
Charles City: 5.2"
Ames: 4.5"
Waterloo: 3.5"
Tripoli: 2.4"
Fayette: 2"
So far this month,…
SNOWFALL TOTALS – February 4th
As the blizzard blew through the state on Thursday, the storm system dropped a handful of inches of snow along with it, leading to big drifts and hazardous travel conditions.
Unofficial snowfall totals as reported by the Iowa State Mesonet:
Marion 6"
Cedar Rapids 5...
Snowfall Totals
Iowa has been blanketed by a thick layer of fresh snow. The southwestern corner leads the way with around 14" of snow. The Waterloo-area has reported around 6-7" so far. 
You can send your snow measurements to the National Weather Service in Des Moines HERE...
The majority of eastern Iowa saw between 5-9″ of snowfall, with a few spots receiving up to a foot of fresh snow.
Report your location's snow totals HERE!

Preliminary snowfall reports for Tuesday, December 29 from Iowa Environmental Mesonet:

**Snow amounts are as of 8:30 AM 12/12***
The Winter Weather Advisory runs until 3 PM where additional snow amounts will be less than an inch.
Des Moines reported over 5.5". The areas surrounding Dubuque remain in a Winter Storm Warning until 6 PM with snow totals expected to reach …
Snowfall Totals 11/24
Light snow drifted into the area in the overnight hours, ending around 8 AM. Snowfall totals were mainly less than a couple of inches, but the morning commute was slick as there was also freezing rain and sleet in the area.
Here's today's snowfall totals in Eastern Iowa from Iowa'…

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