Will We Have a White Christmas?
Dreaming of a White Christmas? A 'White Christmas' is defined as having at least one inch of snow on the ground on the morning of December 25th. Although some consider it a ‘White Christmas’ if it’s actually snowing on Christmas Day.
Regardless, accordi…
Santa is Angry in a Norwegian Postal Service Commercial
This ad for the Norwegian Postal Service features an angry Santa Claus telling his therapist that he feels outdated and longs for the time when he was welcomed inside every home across the land. He initially blames the postal service for his feeling of anger; and even r…
Because it’s 2020: Santa Claus has Died
'Santa Claus' has passed away.
Yep. His legal name was Santa A. Claus. His time of death on August 27th --- 12:25 -- the date of Christmas.
According to his obituary, Santa was a volunteer firefighter for 27 years and was also in the Navy --- when he wasn't busy during the holiday season putting smile…

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