Congrats to Wendy! She Won $1,000!
Wendy entered the CASH CODES into the app and she was rewarded with $1,000!
You can't win if you don't play! Download the KCRR app, listen for the cash codes, and enter them into the app. You could be our next big winner! The Grand Prize is a $10K Stimulus Check...
Congrats to Michael! He won $1,000!
Congrats to Michael! He heard the cash codes, entered them into the app, and won himself $1,000!
Keep entering those cash codes -- the more you enter, the greater your chance to win the Grand Prize of $10,000!
The codes are announced every weekday between 8-5, just after the top of each hour...
Elizabeth Won $1,000!
Congrats to Elizabeth! She is another winner of $1,000 after she entered the CASH CODES into the app. Every code that you enter greatens your chance to win the grand prize --- the $10,000 Ultimate Stimulus Check!
Get more details and Enter Codes HERE...

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