Equestrian riders in Tokyo have voiced some concert about obstacle #10 on the jumping course ---- a sumo wrestler’s butt. It’s not a REAL sumo wrestler, but it’s a big statue that is apparently freaking out the horses.

Great Britain’s Harry Charles told the AP:

“As you come around, you see a big guy’s (butt).”

A few horses pulled up short of the statue, grabbing enough penalty points to keep them out of the finals.

Some riders have said that the statue has distracted their horses during the qualifying round on Tuesday night. Many of the horses, who are trained to avoid distractions, pulled up short of the barrier, as seen below:

When the horses complete a sharp turn to take on the jump, the first thing they see is the wrestler seemingly ready to pounce after the jump.

29-year-old Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce Springsteen, was one of the riders who did not seem to have an issue with the Sumo Butt on her horse, Don Juan Van de Donkhoeve. (Video HERE) However, the top 30 advanced to the final and she finished 31st.

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