Another Cash Winner! Steven won a grand and said that he plans to give it to his wife and let her spend it on whatever she wants.

This is the final week to win! The more codes you enter, the greater your chance to be a daily $1,000 winner or take home the grand prize of $10,000!

Listen for the Cash Codes announced by Dwyer and Michaels on Weekdays from 8-5!

attachment-$1,000 WINNER! (5)

Two lucky individuals will each win $1,000 every weekday just by entering the cash codes! The more you enter the greater your chance to win!

Once the contest wraps up on Oct. 15, one lucky rocker will be announced the following week as the winner of $10,000.

Enter Cash Codes HERE.

Hey, someone IS going to win the money, it might as well be YOU!


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