A late-night talk show host recently spoke about a staple here in Iowa. No, he didn't mention corn, Caitlin Clark, or hogs. He did speak about a change coming to a lot of convenience stores here in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. To be fair...these jokes basically write themselves with a name like this.

By next year, Kum and Go convenience stores, which are a staple in Iowa and the Midwest, will be getting a name change. By 2025, the stores and gas stations will change their name to Maverick. Maverick is a Utah based gas station, who purchased the Des Moines-based company last year, according to Des Moines Register.

According to the Register, there has been an anonymous source who was concerned with the "inadvertent double entendre" of the stores name, which has resulted in the decision to change it. Colbert sarcastically mentions that "shockingly, no one at the company would go on record for this story." Which seems fair...can you really blame someone at Maverick for not wanting their name attached with this decision?

In Stephen's defense...this is pretty low hanging fruit and I'm a bit surprised to have not see or heard of any other Late Night host talking about this when the name change was announced. In the world of joke writing, you'd imagine plenty of other hosts would take jabs at this story and let the jokes fly. These aren't incredibly hard jokes to write. They're basically freebies.

In Colbert's opening monologue he didn't hold back.

*WARNING Suggestive Language Used, Please Read/Watch At Your Own Discretion*

Colbert says the convenience store chain Kum & Go should change its name to Kum & then maybe stay the night. You both put peanut butter on your pancakes and you both think George was the best Beatle and before you know it, its Christmas 2062 and you're surrounded by children and grandchildren thinking, ‘Man, I’m so lucky to have all this love in my life. I’m glad all those years ago I didn’t just Kum & Go.

You can see Colbert's entire coverage of this story in this clip, which begins at the 4:50 mark.

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