Are you ready for another raunchy, debaucherous, sex-crazed Steel Panther music video that serves as a time capsule to the heyday of the Sunset Strip? Well, this is the rare time you're out of luck, because the comedic glamsters have dialed back the naughtiness for just over four minutes in the music video for "I Got What You Want."

Instead, the band leaves the song as the primary focus, running through various clips of live performance footage to fuel the energy behind the satirical humor of the new cut. The song opens with a steady kick drum and low bass line as muted chords come in and a high-pitched synth melody guides the mood going into the verse.

"I Got What You Want" finds Michael Starr singing about his genitals once again, claiming "five-and-a-half inches of love" is what's wanted. The sing-song chorus is built for the live setting, which, as evident by the shots in the video, is where Steel Panther excel the most.

Lower the Bar will be out on March 24 via Kobalt Music Recordings and fans can place their pre-orders at the Steel Panther webstore. To tide you over until the album's release, check out the music video for the previously released song "Poontang Boomerang" as well as the cover of Cheap Trick's "She's Tight." For some added fun, check out the band's Not Safe For Work Emoji keyboard.

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