There's no shortage of AirBnBs in Iowa.

From treehouses, to barns, to your typical house or apartment stay, there are plenty of options.

There aren't a lot of boathouses, though -- unless you head over to Iowa's only island city, Sabula.

The "Lily Pad" boatel yacht offers so much, including room for up to six people, free kayaking, a beach, a full kitchen, and more. Take a look!

Stay in this 'Boatel' AirBnB For a One-of-a-Kind Iowa Getaway

Staying in an AirBnB on land? We can't imagine. Reserve this houseboat in a land-locked state for a unique, story-worthy, stay.

It's not just a boat, either. Of the 19 amenities offered on the Lily Pad, there includes a washer and dryer, TV, wifi, a dedicated working space, and more.

Though you can't take the boat for a spin, this is quite a unique stay. Especially for us Iowans.

AND, Jesse, this AirBnB's superhost, is highly regarded by folks who have stayed at her other residences. He's received 90 reviews from patrons, and they have loved where they've stayed.

Plus, the uniqueness doesn't end at your boat stay. Sabula is quite the place.

"Did you know it wasn't always an island? It was attached, if you will, to the rest of Iowa until the locks and dams were built along the river in 1939. They were designed to make river travel easier for towboats. The process put the western part of the town underwater.

Sabula was founded in 1835, only two years after Iowa's oldest town of Dubuque. It now has just over 500 residents. The island town is about a quarter-of-a-mile wide and is just a mile long."

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