Social media strikes again and United Airlines is right in the crosshairs. The recent removal of a passenger from one of their flights has the internet up in arms. BUT, with that comes some of the funniest slogan suggestions.

The decision to violently remove a Kentucky doctor from an overbooked flight from Louisville to Chicago after he refused to “voluntarily“ give up his seat has sent Twitter into a frenzy with no shortage of suggested new slogans for the troubled airline.

Thirteen of the best are listed below:

  1. You carry on, we carry off.
  2. Normal flights have cabin crews, we have bouncers.
  3. Board as a doctor, leave as a patient.
  4. Would you like a neck pillow or a neck brace?
  5. Now serving punch.
  6. Tell us your safe word at check-in.
  7. We’ll drag you all over the world.
  8. The captain has turned on the no passenger sign.
  9. We have First Class, Business Class and No Class.
  10. If we can’t seat you, we will beat you.
  11. We have an offer you can’t refuse.
  12. No, really.Do you want a window seat or a concussion.
  13. We put the hospital in hospitality.


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