Flopping --- the over-exaggeration in an effort to draw a foul is rather common in soccer. But a 22-year-old player on a Guatemalan soccer team took it to an entire new level.

While the referees were busy with some other players, this guy tried to take advantage of an object – which looked like a rock -- that had been thrown onto the field by a fan. The player decided that this was the perfect opportunity to work on his acting skills.

He picked up the object, hit himself om the head with it, and threw himself on the ground, writhing in artificial pain.

One of his opponents walked over to the flopper, picked up the object and tossed it back over the fence. The opposing players who witnessed the player’s theatrics quickly began to surround him and shouted at him to get up.

However, none of the officials saw it happen so punishment was given out for flopping.

After the video was released and began to go viral, Guatemala’s Soccer League is now expected to take action.

The player did issue a video apology (below), but he said that he did it because the fans were throwing objects at them, including fruit peels, coins, and rocks -- and the referees never did anything.

This flop could be even better than what we saw during the 2018 World Cup when Brazil's Neymar had his ankle stepped on and he immediately reacted like a chainsaw was ripping through his flesh.

So how bad was Neymar hurt? 15 minutes later he sprinted right in to help set up a goal.

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