Ok, so here's the age old question: Why do men have nipples? Oh wait no, that's not it. When do the 'holidays' officially begin? (Although, that first questions till perplexes me...)

A new survey from YouGov asked 5,000 people when they think the unofficial start of the "Christmas season" is.  It didn't really define what that means. But basically, it's when decorations start going up, and you hear Christmas music everywhere. So when does it start?

The most popular answer was December 1st with 32% of the vote. Still, another 23% said early December.

22% of people in the poll said the Christmas season already started sometime in November.  14% said we shouldn't get all Christmas-y until mid-December. 4% said a few days before Christmas. And then, 2% wish there was NO Christmas season. MONSTERS!!

By the findings of this study, I'd like to wish you an almost happy holiday season. I'll try to remember to come back Saturday to make it official.