A movie that started hitting theaters around Iowa last month has made its way to the big screen in Cedar Falls.

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Collective Development Inc.-DJ Perry, CEO, YouTube
Collective Development Inc.-DJ Perry, CEO, YouTube

Back in November of 2021, camera crews were in north central Iowa to film a movie about actual events that happened in that part of the state during World War II. Scenes for the movie were filmed in Whittemore, Forest City, and the town of Algona, which was home to a German POW camp during the war.

Collective Development Inc, YouTube
Collective Development Inc, YouTube

The POW camp, known as Camp Algona, had more than 700 buildings. It covered 287 acres and over 3,000 prisoners could be held there at one time. Over 10,000 Germans were processed at Camp Algona between 1943 and 1946.

So why make a movie about this prison camp when there were 34 branch camps in the Midwest? PR Log says it was "because of a unique 'gift' made by a group of prisoners and presented to the town of Algona, at Christmastime."

That gift was an amazing nativity scene. Eighty years later, it's still displayed in Algona every holiday season. Guests can see it free of charge. The story behind the nativity is incredible. It's described in the video below.

The movie 'Silent Night in Algona' will also be at College Square Cinema in Cedar Falls from Friday, January 20 through Thursday, January 26. Orders for tickets for showings at that theater can be made here.

The movie is also showing at Marcus Theatres in Cedar Rapids from Friday, January 20 through Thursday, January 26. You can purchase tickets here.

The film is also showing at the Sycamore Cinema in Iowa City from January 20 through 26. Tickets can be ordered here.

Below is the trailer for the film.

You can follow the movie's Facebook page for information on additional theaters in Iowa that are showing the movie.

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