A British study has been released claiming that there's a strong link between listening to full albums and positive mental well-being.

The study quotes a recent survey where 82% of people said listening to albums helped them relax...76% said listening to albums can make them feel better if they're feeling down.
Classic rock fans know all about the absolute beauty of listening to an entire album in it's entirety. There was a time, in this day and age of technology, that listening to albums was falling by the wayside. Digital downloads were taking over. But now, and I can't believe I'm saying this, thanks to the millennial generation, vinyl records have made a comeback! Cassette tapes are ancient history, and what once was deemed the greatest technology ever, compact discs, are seeing a decline in sales.

However, vinyl sales grew by double digits last year, selling nearly 10 million units in 2018. There’s just something about the 12-inch glossy black disc that keeps people coming back for more. Today's musicians are really missing out on a lost art form. Sure, lyrics are important. Musicianship is important. But, albums add so much more to the experience. The art work on the cover and sometimes inside. How about all the lyrics printed on the record sleeve? Or maybe even photos of the band. Maybe you even have an autographed copy? Last I checked, there's no way to sign digital downloads! And we haven't even talked about how 12 songs, can all have a life of their own (singles) but still can come together and have a common theme.

Overall, people in the study said that eating a favorite food was the most helpful way to boost their mood. But, depending on what food that is, it might not be very healthy for you. The last time I checked, listening to music never hurt anybody. So, go ahead, put your favorite album on the turntable, drop the needle, crank it up...and improve your mental health!

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