Do you remember your first time using a roundabout? Did your level of anxiety go sky-high? I bet you certainly watched the car in front of you to see exactly how to navigate this new found circle of confusion. Or perhaps you even channeled your inner Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s European Vacation and just kept circling and circling.

Chances are, you most-likely followed the vehicle in front of you, whether the lead vehicle was correct or not, and that's what appeared to happen in the video below.

It comes from somewhere in “rural, eastern Kentucky,” (Rowan County) and features the locals attempting to figure out how to drive in a roundabout.

According to WYMT, numerous comments on social media were against the project this spring, saying that they didn’t think a roundabout would make life easy for them to get around.

Around 4,000 vehicles pass through that intersection every day, and the roundabout was created to help the flow of traffic. But it looks as if Day #1 proved to make things a bit difficult for some locals:

REMINDER: Numerous lefts don't make a right in a roundabout in Kentucky.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there are 61 roundabouts located within the state of Iowa.

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