So, what do you do when you're a HUGE soccer fan, you're an aging rock star who just announced a new tour with Cindi Lauper and you've been asked to help draw for the Scottish Cup? Well, you get drunk of course and display it properly on live TV.

If you're roaring to rock to the oldies this summer, then make sure you get tickets for Stewart and Cyndi Lauper's new joint tour. The trek, announced today, will kick off on July 6 in Hollywood, Florida, and is currently scheduled to run through August 12 with a performance at the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land in Houston. In between, they'll hit such major markets as Tamps, Cincinnati and Dallas. notes that tickets go on sale this week, while Stewart and Lauper will do a promotional blitz on such shows as Watch What Happens Live, Access Hollywood and TODAY.


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