Despite their sometimes untouchable appearance, rock 'n' rollers are still subject to lawsuits. And due to the high-profile nature of these artists, these lawsuits often come with heavy media attention from newspapers, magazines and online blogs — as well as some pretty lofty price tags.

Musicians might find themselves in court for a variety of different reasons, be it defending their work, their band or their reputation. Sometimes, bands take on large corporations, such as in the cases of Metallica vs. Napster Inc. and Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster. Other times, private citizens take on large bands, like in the cases of Spencer Elden vs. Nirvana and the McCollum Family vs. Ozzy Osbourne.

Despite a variety of different reasons for these cases, and a variety of different outcomes from them. Loudwire presents the 12 most infamous (and expensive) rock and metal legal battles of all time.

12 Infamous Rock + Metal Legal Battles

Queue “Winners and Losers” by Social Distortion.

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