Vinyls and records have made a huge comeback over the past few years. Celebrate their resurgence at some local record shops that are participating in the nationally recognized Record Store Day.

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I am no expert on vinyls (yet) but over the past few weeks I've been slowly getting back into collecting them. Back on the East Coast my family and I had a nice collection that was a combination of my modern taste and their favorite old records.

My dad even has a Steve Martin comedy album! A fun little find when I first came across it a few years ago.

I got thinking of my own personal relationship with records because a special day for collectors and record store staff alike is coming up.


This Saturday, April 23rd, is something called Record Store Day!

Record Store Day started back in 2007 as a way to celebrate "the culture of the indie record store." More than a decade after the initial celebration, specific stores across the country celebrate by offering special vinyl and CD releases as well as promotional products that are made exclusively for this big day!

Stores have to opt in or register to get some of these exclusives, so not every single record store you go into may have that specific product that you want, according to the official Record Store Day website.

You can check out the full list of all of the special records that are being released exclusively for Record Store Day!


As of 2020, there are about 1,400 independent record stores in the entire country. We have plenty of shops in our state as well. If you are looking to get your hand on some of the exclusive Record Store Day goodies and participate in some activites, these are the spots in Iowa that you should OFFICIALLY check out.

Record Store Day Shops In Iowa

Marv's Music Des Moines

Moondog Music Dubuque

Rogue Planet Music Des Moines

The Dig Inn Reinbeck

Ragged Records Davenport

Secondhand Story Algona 

Wax Xtatic Record Audio Stereo Shop Marshalltown

Zzz Records Des Moines

Vinyl Cafe Ames

The Underground Rock Shop Des Moines

Weird Harold's Records Burlington

Jays CD and Hobby Des Moines

CDs-4-Change Dubuque

Metro Records Cedar Falls

Record Collector Iowa City

Odds N Ends Music Movies & Video Games Marshalltown

Unforgivable Records Dubuque

If you didn't see your record store on this list, don't worry! There are a whole lot of independent record stores all across the country and not all of them will necessarily participate in all of the deals and promotions.

Go check out the Record Store Day website for more information on this!

Even if your usual spot is not registered for these deals, use this day as an excuse to show some extra love for your favorite shop!

One of my favorite new spots opened right on Main Street in Cedar Falls. Vinyl Cup Records Cedar Falls opened a few weeks ago and I have already been in a few times.

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