Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer was left out of the reindeer games, but I don't remember the part of the song where the other reindeer kicked his ass.

A woman in Fort Nelson, British Columbia puts up a homemade Rudolph lawn decoration every year, and every year, it gets attacked by one or multiple bucks passing through.

Arlene Chmelyk made the Rudolph decoration out of a 3D archery target, and it's complete with a red lightbulb sticking out of the snout to make the iconic glowing nose.


You see, a rival buck competing for the attention of any does in the area is a problem for a young and lustful buck, so he has to be taken care of. Pair that with a glowing red nose, and think about how inferior that'd make him feel.

"I'm like, he has a bright red nose," Arlene Chmelyk told CBC. "I'm not really sure what they see."

Every year, one of the neighborhood bucks challenges the reindeer, and attacks it, often breaking the decoration.

CBC News
CBC News

Chmelyk calls the decoration, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Whitetail," because it's made from a whitetail target.

Every year, Rudolph has to be repaired, as he often loses his head, legs, and other body parts, which have to be glued back on.

Arlene said she and her husband will continue to put the deer out every year, regardless of how much it gets attacked by the neighborhood bucks.

Check out this video she shared from her doorbell camera, showing an example of one of the deer ramming the decoration with its antlers.

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