Home security video shows Happy Wade walking to his SUV outside of his home in North Carolina on Friday morning, April 9. He and his wife were about to take their cat to the veterinarian.

Happy is carrying a tray of brownies and sets his coffee on the hood of the vehicle. As you can hear in the home’s surveillance video, Happy says “good morning” to a neighbor jogging by and mumbles to himself that he “really needs to wash his car.”

As his wife walks to the passenger side of the SUV while carrying their cat, she hears a snarl. She pauses and then a rabid bobcat attacks her from behind. She received numerous scratches and was bitten several times as she screams for help.

Her husband runs over to help and grabs the bobcat, holds it above his head, and hurls it onto their front lawn. It bit Happy three times in the process.

He shot it once and it continued to hide under the vehicle. A neighbor called 911 and Police eventually killed the bobcat and it tested positive for rabies.

Both Happy and his wife, Kristi, underwent rabies treatments and both received over 30 shots each.

The bobcat population in North Carolina is abundant. Adult weights range from 10 to 40 pounds, with males being about one third larger than females. They can be seen day or night, but tend to show more activity at dawn and dusk.

As for Iowa, in 2013, biologists estimated the population at 2000 to 3000, mostly in the southern-most counties of the state.

WARNING: Profane language in video



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