The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has released video footage of the last living Tasmanian Tiger from 1935.

NFSA says this is the last known footage of the now-extinct animal. The tiger in the video was named Benjamin and he died in 1936 --- but this is the believed to be the final time that he was filmed.

The thylacine became known as the Tasmanian tiger because of its striped lower back. They also had pouches to carry their young, much like a kangaroo.

According to the NFSA, this footage is one of less than a dozen remaining of the Tasmanian Tiger. Altogether, just over three minutes of black and white film of the animal are known to exist. There are no color photographs of the creature nor is there thought to be any audio recordings.

Despite the thylacine labeled as extinct, the Department of Conservation and Land Management recorded over 200 reports of sightings in Western Australia between 1936 to 1998.

Credit: SciNews via YouTube

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