On the one-year anniversary of the Iowa Derecho, there is again a threat of severe weather in Iowa on August 10th.

Forecast models are saying that any possible severe weather will most likely occur late Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday morning.

Below is the list of potential threats in Iowa (as of 10 AM):



Nam is the North American Mesoscale Forecast System.

The ICON (Icosahedral Nonhydrostatic) is a model created by the German Weather Service

ECMWF is the acronym for the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

This is the NAM forecast for 5 PM today:


Below is the forecast model from the ECMWF around 1AM August 11:


ICON forecast model for late tonight:


So far this year, the National Weather in Des Moines has issued 208 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for its coverage area. That's the fewest number through August 10th since 1992.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet


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