The Thames Valley Police in Oxford, England, made a discovery this week of possibly every stolen bike that's gone missing in the area in the last few years. The stash was so big, it could be seen from space, through Google Earth.

Police officers paid a visit to the home on Giles Road in Littlemore and found what appeared to be a few hundred bicycles that obviously didn't belong to the homeowner. Officers took a 54-year-old man living in the home to the police station. He was arrested on charges of suspicion of handling stolen goods and possession of criminal property.

As you can see from Google Maps, this guy's entire backyard is full of the bicycles, and on Google Earth, his backyard sticks out like a sore thumb.

Social media comments from people living in the area said that the bikes had "been there for years."

Another said "It cracks me up that no one spotted it sooner. Surely you'd think it suspicious to have a garden overflowing with bikes?"

Police shared photos of the bicycles in the backyard, and you can't see through the yard due to the sheer number of bicycles.

Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police

The bicycles are stacked on their sides, must be 10-12 bicycles high, across the entirety of the backyard. It's going to take a few trips to get all of those down to the evidence lockup.

Read more at Wales Online

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