Yesterday on my way home from work, I was driving up Brady Street and saw the weirdest thing. I snapped a photo, but it didn't quite do it justice.

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It was a Ford Fiesta, but it didn't have any doors. It wasn't any surprise to me when I rolled up to it and saw there were three teenage boys in the car.

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We posted the photos on Facebook, and the post exploded with comments of other local cars that look like this.

Is this a new trend of some kind? Or a TikTok challenge of some kind where you have to get the doors off and back on before dad gets home? Why are we taking our doors off? Why are we cutting the roof off of our car?

Sullivan Bass
Kodak Jackson via YouTube
Sullivan Bass
Nathanial Smart via Facebook
Jeremy Schulz via Facebook

Check out this van spotted in town, that had more than one modification to it. Yes, that is the tailgate from a Dodge. I guess with this one, I'm just confused why only HALF of the van is cut.

Chase Bennett
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