Once upon a time, I was told, "You have to try Peanut Butter on a Tenderloin."

So, I tried it and ----- it was awful. I couldn't even finish it. Now, I LOVE to eat, but not this. Not even my ice cold adult beverage could wash out the taste.

I enjoy Peanut Butter Chicken, LOVE Peanut Butter and Toast, and Peanut Butter and Celery. But an enormous thumbs-down for this concoction.

I attempted to give it to any of my three kids, but that wasn't happening. They immediately asked "What is that supposed to be?" Supper Fail.

Afterwards, I did a quick search on All Recipes to figure out 'What I did Wrong.' There wasn't even a recipe or for it. Even Victor Frankenstein had some sort of direction to follow when he made his monster.

I think I'll stick with pickles, onions, mayo and mustard on my Tenderloin from now on.

PB Tenderloin #1
PB Tenderloin #2

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