Aimee Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, was treated for smoke inhalation after escaping a deadly recording studio fire on Thursday (May 19) in Hollywood.

According to a FOX 11 Good Day L.A (as seen in the video report below)., the fire broke out at a nondescript building in Hollywood on the corner of Lexington and Seward just after 5:30PM on Thursday (May 19). One of the businesses housed within the building was a recording studio where Osbourne had been at, and she was one of two people who were treated for smoke inhalation. The news report states that a third unidentified person was later found dead within the building. The blaze reportedly took nearly an hour to put out, and the news report also stated that a marijuana brew operation was discovered on another floor of the building, though it was not revealed if that was where the fire originated.

Sharon Osbourne later commented on the fire in a social media post, stating, "Today my daughter @aro_officialmusic was working in a recording studio at this building with her producer. They are the lucky two that made it out alive. It is utterly heartbreaking that someone lost their life today in this fire & we are sending our prayers to this person & their family."

She went on to state, "What happened today was beyond horrific. I really hope moving forward that buildings like this are better regulated for fire safety. This building was a creative hub for music in Hollywood, a space that should have been regulated for fire code. Producers, musicians, mixers & artists also lost all of their equipment. Once again, our prayers go out to the family and friends of the person that lost their life to this senseless fire."

Aimee is the eldest sibling of the Osbournes, but did not participate in The Osbournes reality series of the 2000s. She has followed her father into music, albeit with a decidedly different sound. Recording under the moniker ARO, Osbourne has released music more in the ethereal synth pop style.

Her most recent album under the ARO moniker was 2020's Vacare Adamaré, but the singer has been working on new music of late and released the new song "Against Mine" back in April.

FOX 11 Good Day LA Report on Hollywood Studio Fire

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