Is your wife or girlfriend only keeping you around to do chores and make her life easier? Apparently there's a 1 in 9 chance the answer is yes. (YIKES!) If that's the case, I cannot believe my wife is still allowing me in the same house!

A new survey from Yahoo News asked women what they'd do to have a little more free time each day. A staggering 11% would dump their husband or boyfriend if it meant they could have more time to get things accomplished. Here are a few more stats from the survey:

  • The average woman says they'd need an extra 82 minutes a day to accomplish everything they need to do. The biggest time-sucks include work, dealing with the kids, and running errands.
  • 31% would give up TV to have a little more time each day.  Another 31% would give up social media. And 15% would give up their cell phone.  Ironically, if you gave up any of those things, you'd AUTOMATICALLY have more time each day.
  • The top things women would do with a little more time are sleep, read, exercise, go for walks, and cook instead of ordering out so much.
  • The most hectic part of the day for women is the morning. On average, it takes 55 minutes to get ready.  And 70% say they usually feel rushed.

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