I always find it humorous that everyone gets their undies in a bundle when a snow storm is on the way, IN THE WINTER. "OMG! There's snow coming." Yes, snow is coming. It's still Winter people!

What does this Winter Storm in the Winter also come with? It comes with everyone driving like they've never seen snow before. This is just a reminder. WE LIVE IN IOWA! WE HAVE WINTER HERE! IT SNOWS QUITE A BIT!

So, if I could pass on a message to those who are freaking out. Pull up your big boy pants and grab a shovel. You'll have some work to do come Saturday.

Here is the expected forecast:

  • Total Accumulation: A trace to 100 inches
  • Visibility: Zero to 10 miles
  • Temps: More than likely below freezing.

Now get back to work.

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