Here's an odd Presidential fact: The United States hasn't had back-to-back right-handed Presidents since Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Since Gerald Ford became the 38th President in 1974, all but TWO of our country's leaders have been left-handed. (George W. Bush and Donald Trump are both right-handed)

With right-handed Joe Biden inaugurated on Wednesday, that gives our country its first back-to-back RIGHT-HANDED presidents in over 50 years after Richard Nixon succeeded Lyndon B. Johnson in 1969.

In total, eight of the 46 U.S. Presidents have been left-handed:

  • #20 James Garfield
  • #31 Herbert Hoover
  • #33 Harry Truman
  • #38 Gerald Ford
  • #40 Ronald Reagan
  • #41 George H.W. Bush
  • #42 Bill Clinton
  • #44 Barack Obama

As for now 49 VICE PRESIDENTS throughout U.S. history; only five were known to be left-handed, (and three of them went on to become President): Henry Wallace, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, and George H.W. Bush.

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