It's the sacred American tradition and it kicks off tonight... FOOTBALL SEASON! Yeah, that's right, whether you are rooting for the Bears or Packers or neither, you will probably still watch the first football game of the season. However, the big question is will you bet on any of the games this season?

The American Gaming Association recently came out with results from a survey asking Americans if they will bet on NFL games this year. The results found that 38 million adults will bet on at least one NFL game this year which is about 15 percent of the population. Ladies, if you have ever wondered where all of your man's money goes during the fall... this is probably it. Keep a tight watch on that bank account!

The study also found that 75% of gamblers are more willing to watch a game if there is a chance they could win some money off of it. Well, duh! I don't even like football but if you gave me a chance to win some money, I am there!

So, here's the question... will you bet this season?

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