Think about your Facebook "friends" list. You might have 50 or 200, or maybe as many as 1,000 or 2,000? That's impressive.

But, are they really your friends? Or does it matter? Maybe you're friends just so you can "stalk" them.

Social media can be fun and even useful ... but sometimes, doesn't it feel like you're just watching everybody else's lives from the sidelines and not really "in the game"?

Late night TV show host, Jimmy Kimmel started National Unfriend Day in 2010. Kimmel is urging Facebook to clear their friends list of people, who are not really friends.

According to Facebook, the guidelines for unfriending someone are as follows ...

  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't loan them $50.
  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't invite them to your birthday party.
  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't cry if they got hit by a bus!

Here's my personal guidelines...

  • If you see them out in public and they just walk past you and barely grunt out a "hello", and don't even stop to talk....unfriend
  • Would you go out for a beer or dinner with them? chance?....unfriend
  • Do they post stuff about politics? Admittedly, I've been guilty of this myself. However, I've found it pointless to debate/argue politics on social media.....unfriend, or at the very least "snooze them for 30 days"!

The weird thing with Facebook, is the "unfollow" feature. Sadly, I find myself using this all the time. It's just less awkward to "unfollow" someone rather than "unfriend" them.

So, grab your phone ... or wait ... you already have it in your hand. Go to Facebook and start making the tough decisions ... stay "friends" or "unfriend"?

When you're done, maybe call one of them and go grab that beer, meet at your favorite restaurant or just "hang out". That proves to be the best way to stay actual friends.

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