This dog traveled 1,500 miles.

Blue is a dog from Florida that somehow made it's way all the way to Michigan. The dog is just under a year old and was reported missing when the Humane Society in Midland, Michigan found the dog. The director of the Midland Humane Society, Beth Wellman said, "I have no idea how she ended up here, as far as, like, in Michigan. She was found as a stray, brought in here on Monday, and the person who brought her in said she was found late Sunday."

Wellman said that the dog is in good health even though it was found on the side of the road. "She was super sweet. Typical puppy stuff: mouthy, excited, friendly, and loves everybody."

The dog, Blue, will make the 1,500 mile trek back to Florida over the weekend by a worker of the Human Society that frequents the state of Florida.

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