The video of a middle school teacher has gone viral after she was caught running down a school hallway in a dress and heels.

TikTok video shared by @lilythern.


Why Has This Video Gone Viral?

It was initially thought that she was running towards a fight that was happening in her classroom. However, it turns out that she was rushing towards something better.

As the teacher enters the classroom, she sees a group of students gathered in a tight circle and shouting. Without hesitation, she begins to push her way through the outside of the circle, yelling, "Hey! Break it up! Break it up!"

But instead of finding a fight, she sees students holding up signs and a man down on one knee proposing to her.

The viral TikTok video was shared by @lilythern.



Positive Comments On The Event

Many viewers have expressed their admiration for the teacher's bravery, with some even suggesting that she should join the Avengers. Overall, it's clear that this proposal is one that these students and their teachers will never forget.

TikTok video shared by @lilythern.

"She is so strong. She was running towards the chaos to stop it with her bare hands. What a fighter. This is the best proposal ever."

"That was the 'Not in my school!' run! 😂😂😂😂"

"Fearless teachers are the ones that deserve the most respect."

"Don’t marry her, she has to join the Avengers."

TikTok video shared by @lilythern.
TikTok video shared by @lilythern.

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