One Cedar Falls politician has tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

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In a statement on Sunday, Mayor Rob Green, who is up for reelection, made his positive COVID test public to the Cedar Valley. The Mayor made this announcement over the weekend in a social media post

I started getting the sniffles on Sunday and so will get tested again on Wednesday to see if I'm clear (the CDC's 10 day window from onset of symptoms). I'll be isolating at home at least until then, as per CDC guidelines.


Luckily, the city politician's children are safe and healthy. He also expressed his disappointment in not being able to attend many of the Veterans Day activities over the course of this week.

The Cedar Falls mayor and his family are all vaccinated.

This comes a little less than a week since election day when the mayoral position was up for grabs. Neither Mayor Green nor City Councilman Dave Sires ended up with more than 50% of the vote.

In a statement on his social media channel, Green expressed gratitude for the people who have been along for the ride during this election. The mayor ended up getting 36% of the votes at the polls this year. While he came in second place, he still is continuing on to the next election.

Dave Sires was the frontrunner in this initial race. The councilman earned the majority, 40%, of the votes in this close election. Since none of the candidates came out with at least a 50% lead, both Sires and Green must have a runoff election.

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