30 years in business is one heck of a run. A Marion family business is preparing to close its doors after three decades.

Connie Moyer opened up Connie's Quilt Store at 785 8th Avenue in Marion after moving back to the area in 1992, according to KCRG. In December of last year, Connie announced that she would be retiring and closing the store. During her 30 years in business, Connie's Quilt Shop served numerous communities in Eastern Iowa including Marion, Anamosa, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, Monticello, and many more.

Facebook via Connies Quilt Shop
Facebook via Connie's Quilt Shop

Moyer told KCRG that during her time in Marion, she had customers from all 50 states and from around the world. She said that her favorite part of owning the store was watching people grow with her store.

Probably what’s been neat is to see mothers bring their children in and I’ve seen children grow up in this store.

Simply put, Moyer told KCRG that she loved watching people become better quilters.

Connie's Quilt Shop features products including notions, fabric, patterns, books, and more. They also featured Janome sewing machines. KCRG reports that a going-out-of-business sale started on January 21st. Connie's final day of business will be this Saturday, February 3rd.

Congratulations on your retirement Connie!

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