This might be the most awkward proposal... ever?

A South African pastor is being ripped apart on the internet after filming himself proposing to his girlfriend, at possibly the worst time - in the middle of her father's funeral - about three feet from the coffin.

“Proposing [to] the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears there and there,” reads the caption to the clip, which was uploaded a week ago by the fiancé — who goes by @M.Mojela on TikTok.

According to Central News Agency, the pastor, who was in charge of the service, asked for the woman's hand in order to help heal her broken heart.

M.Mojela via TikTok
M.Mojela via TikTok

In the clip, the deceased man's daughter is seen sobbing in the front row, when all of a sudden, the guy gets down on one knee and asks over the microphone if he can make her his wife.

M.Mojela via TikTok
M.Mojela via TikTok

Multiple people cried out in shock.

She appears to accept his ring, which he can be seen in the video putting on her finger.

He said he hoped that his proposal would help her cope with her father's passing.

Most of the comments are pretty much 100% against a funeral proposal.

“This here is WRONG..No matter how you can try and justify it," one wrote, with another saying "Timing is off."

But, there are a couple of commenters who thought this was sweet.

"That's him saying u may lost u a parent but I'll be with u t get thru this," one commenter typed.

Another agreed "Guys he wanted to do it infront of the late parent.. Nothing wrong.."

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